Busy, rewarding times at the Inn…

It appears that following a fairly quiet Winter, travel resumed in our direction as Spring finally made its appearance. Or, as it seems to be the case nowadays, Summer followed directly a lingering Winter (lots of wind, cold nights way into May). Guests comment that “all is green around here”: it appears that we might have had a wetter winter, which led to more abundant Spring vegetation… However, following dry times left all that vegetation in a high state of combustibility (see brief comments below about regional wildfires!)…

Soon, highly welcome returning Guests as well as newcomers to our area called on us for lodging, and, primary, to have a unique opportunity to momentarily partake of life in a friendly Tribal community such as Zuni. Indeed, our company staff eagerly looks upon Guests at the Inn as honored visitors to our community.

Winds are now slowing down (a few drops of rain have appeared as I write this), but their influence is still felt throughout the region, especially in regard to the many – some very serious – wildfires which have sprung in Arizona first, and now in New Mexico. NOTE: overhead smoke resulting from those fires, and other associated atmospheric disturbances have not been experienced in our area since June 5 (at which time we had red dust tinted skies and sunsets for a couple of days only). So, I would say, no serious travel impediment in our immediate region on account of forest fires; but some Park Service administered areas are under close watch, and hiking trails in areas near fires or affected by current very dry conditions (which still prevail now), may be closed.

Important traditional summer ceremonies have already been performed by the Zuni people – more to come! It is such a privilege to live in a community whose heart beats to the gentle but  everpresent flow of the seasons and their respective essential moments of cosmic importance.

One of the highlights of our recent occupancy history has been the 8 day stay at the Inn, all rooms and all facilities, of a remarkable group of people from all over the world, members of the LINKHANDSFORHUMANITY organization – http://www.linkhandsforhumanity.org/ – “We are linked by our commitment to humanitarian service; our willingness to be in a dialogue of diversity; and the recognition that there is something that unifies all life on this planet”. It was a high privilege for us to host such an organization: its members spent the week spreading blissful energy and industrious rhythm throughout our premises; and, most importantly, it made us all feel again that Zuni and the Inn at Halona are indeed ideal settings for all types of rejuvenating retreats and working seminars.

Another important event for the Inn at Halona was the 8 day stay at the Inn of a squad of veterinary professionals (mostly from Pennsylvania). The organization, known as NAVS, i.e. Native American Veterinary Services – http://nativeamericanveterinaryservices.org/ – provides free veterinary care for Native Americans living on reservations throughout the United States. Started in 2001, NAVS has grown from a few volunteers visiting one reservation into dozens of dedicated veterinary health professionals who travel to numerous reservation. Annually, there are two trips, one in the spring and one in the fall. Participants may spend 1-2 weeks at the reservations depending on their individual time allowances and NAVS’ & the Tribal communities’ needs. The Inn at Halona has been privileged in having the opportunity to host the organization twice every year (spring, fall) for several years already; we all value the assistance it provides our community in not only providing needed, free healthcare to local ranchers’ domestic animals, but also in controlling the high birthrates among the community’s well known and visible population of “Rez Dogs” and “Rez Cats”… And our own cats appreciate NAVS’ visit: they treat veterinarians and students in veterinary as their personal medical team!

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