Welcome to Zuni!

The Inn is uniquely located right in the heart of the Pueblo of Zuni within the Zuni Indian Reservation in Western New Mexico.

Welcome to our website! We thank you for your interest in Zuni, and hope you will come and stay with us, meet our staff (all Zuni Tribal Members), partake of our community’s busy, unique lifestyle, admire & purchase products from the world renowned Zuni arts & crafts community, and take advantage of Zuni’s ready access to many historical and natural treasures in the surrounding areas. Make Zuni a “base of operation” for day trips to all such destinations.

The above slideshow gives you a brief glimpse of our facilities & surroundings. Please note that primary menu tabs point to overall essential information, while submenu items point for example, to respective rooms’ descriptions & the history of our Inn, introduce you to the Innkeepers, provide information about regional points of interest, and procure contact & booking information.

The Inn at Halona is a division of a larger company, Zuni Shopping Center / Halona Plaza (est. 1910) / Halona Marketplace (est. 2017), involving food stores, a restaurant and other services. Halona Plaza adjoins the Inn at Halona and offers restaurant & supplies services. We are proud of the history of our founding Vander Wagen family and its presence in and service to the Zuni community since 1897. We commemorated the Centennial of our parent company’s operation in Zuni in 2010, with a gala celebration for family and the entire community.

The Inn at Halona has often been referred to as a “true, unexpected oasis” by Guests as well as popular travel guides (OR, according to some, “an oasis within an oasis”!) and we are delighted to join with the Inn’s Zuni personnel, as well as all 30 other Staff members at Halona Plaza, in welcoming, hosting, visiting with and informing Guests at the Inn at Halona.

Our often returning clientele of Guests lodging at the Inn or simply passing through for lunch or supper, includes travelers intrigued by Zuni, visiting relatives of local families, professionals/consultants on assignment at Zuni, business people/arts & crafts retailers/collectors making purchases directly from local artisans, group functions such as  seminars and retreats, cultural tour groups, volunteer organizations and adventure travel companies. The Inn is actually ideally suited for groups seeking to occupy the entire premises, with complete hospitality services available! One can easily imagine how lively Guest gatherings and accompanying conversations at breakfast can be… Your Innkeepers and Staff will always eagerly participate in such events!

Accordingly, since our establishment is both uniquely located, and its amenities, features & colorful own “culture” are quite distinct, we appreciate passing as well as returning Guests’ honest (enthusiasm appreciated however!) comments & recommendations posted to such travel information sites as www.tripadvisor.com. We do prefer for our Guests-To-Be, and their families, friends & colleagues, to be informed about our establishment before undertaking the journey to Zuni: it’s not about mere tourism, but also about genuine cultural discovery in a  welcoming yet private, unique setting! And we also of course look forward to “news from the world out there” from our leisure, business and institutional Guests…

The Inn at Halona: Your Home in the Heart of Zuni while here for Pleasure, Business, Meeting, Seminar or Retreat”