Room 23

Room 23, located in the Historic Annex (Vander Wagen family‘s original home), has its own bath facilities and features a king-size water bed built according to modern technologies: its mattress does not consist of the usual ’60ish, shapeless “water bag” that can supposedly be filled to various levels of “firmness”, but which in the end exhibits nothing but constant motion and unevenness. Room 23’s waterbed bed includes 11 individually tunable water tubes and a firm envelope.  Additionally, a daybed (“trundle” type) is available and it comprises two twin pullouts; thus, this room can easily accommodate four persons. All beds are fitted with linen of utmost quality and comfort, along with a comforter and an original Pendleton Mills wool blanket. Furniture includes an exclusive selection of items handcrafted and handpainted by the former, famed Zuni Furniture & Woodwork Enterprise‘s traditional motif designers and painters: Robert Cellicion and Derrick Othole. A convenient three-paneled wood screen may be moved around the room to provide privacy between co-Guests! Other handcrafted items include a ceramic lamp by Claudine Haloo of the well known Creative Arts of Zuni – an excellent place to shop for unique holiday gift ideas – and an extraordinary pitcher by Deldrick & Lorenda Cellicion. Large windows brings airiness to this room. A wall mounted LCD television set driven by satellite-based DishTV network stands ready to inform & entertain guests. Cooling is provided via a wall mounted,  refrigerated air-conditioner, for those summer periods when Zuni does get somewhat hot! Heating is produced by a blown air furnace which also serves the other 2 nearby rooms (Nos. 21 & 22) and supplemented by a personal ceramic heater.  The hallway linking rooms 21-22-23 features a refreshment / coffee / tea station well provided for and including a small refrigerator, a microwave oven and an icemaker.  It also leads to a spacious, tree-lined, elevated private deck: a favorite lounging spot during clement evenings. Colorful carpeting rugs & upholstery, and “tongue and groove” knotty pine paneling provide warmth & character to the room while maintaining its airiness. A good “family room”.