The Inn at Halona offers a Complimentary Breakfast from 7 A.M. to 9 A.M. or later upon request. Breakfast is served in our newly remodeled restaurant space at adjoining Halona Plaza (where our company office and registration area are located).

For traditional, old-fashioned or light breakfasts, with touches of specifically Zuni fare (such as Blue Corn pancakes and freshly made chili and salsa sauces), Guests select from the items and options listed below upon registering for their rooms. Special requests (dietary or otherwise) are of course welcome. Our NEW Breakfast menu is still evolving, as we are striving to put our long shutdown period (13 months!) to “good use”.

For Guests rising before 7 a.m. a European continental breakfast will be prepared.

Click below to download a pdf of our breakfast offerings. We are also able to handle any special needs or requests.
Breakfast Menu