The Pueblo of Zuni and the surrounding Zuni Reservation are located on the western edge of New Mexico, 150 miles west of Albuquerque, and just 38 miles south of Gallup and Interstate 40. The Inn at Halona is situated on the south-side of the Zuni River at the pre-historic Zuni Pueblo site of Halona now within the current Village of Zuni. The Inn is only three blocks south from the main Highway 53 bisecting Zuni, at 23B Pia Mesa Road. Highway 53 has only one four-way stop sign in the Village. Turning south at that sign and crossing the bridge over the Zuni River bed, will lead you directly to Halona Plaza, a general store, the adjoining Inn, and the owners’ historic residence.

Map To Get To Zuni

Gated parking is available immediately south (in back) of the Halona Plaza compound.  Guests are invited to CHECK IN at the Main Office at the Halona Plaza store, upon arriving.  Late arrivals will be accommodated via prior phone calls, messaging to Halona Plaza’s Office, or other means. NOTE: the Office at Halona Plaza is opened daily from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM (Sunday hours: 12:00 Noon until 6:00 PM).  Other arrangements may also be made there regarding clients’ special wishes for their sojourn in Zuni.