Each room is provided with the finest mattresses, linens, comforters and (Pendleton Mills) blankets, and brightly enhanced with Zuni and southwestern art, with fine touches of European decor. Works of art from Zuni painters and ceramists adorn the Inn, sometimes along with furniture from the former, famed Zuni Furniture & Woodworks Enterprise.  All rooms have telephones – networked via our PBX system at our company’s nearby main office at adjoining grocery store, Halona Plaza – and feature individually controlled gas heaters or blown air furnace  vents with supplementary, personal heaters in certain areas. Extra cooling during the few hot Zuni summer days is provided by  fans (floor or ceiling), as well as refrigerated air conditioners in most rooms. The entire Inn is equipped with a thorough Culligan water processing system and a lodging-industry graded, remotely monitored fire/smoke alarm system which meets very specific criteria recommended by FEMA. Each room includes a hand-picked selection of books and guides, supplemented by the large number of books and brochures about Zuni, displayed in the common areas/lounges/dining rooms.

Question? QUESTION?… “What about the ROOM NUMBERS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and then 21, 2223?”: ‘glad you asked!

Right about until the Inn at Halona opened for business, social events & assorted festive gatherings used to be held periodically all over the buildings now housing the Inn at Halona, usually centered upon Holidays  – for example, “Beggar’s Banquets” , organized by family and friends, were meant to gather people marooned in Zuni on such occasions as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Good times were always had, with plenty of game playing, by such motley assortments of guests.  Many Birthday Celebrations were also held on these premises for community individuals. Overnighting guests or family members would eventually cheerfully be dispatched to fictitiously “numbered” rooms… such as #21, 22, 23, in a way indicating that it was not uncommon for the buildings to be considered as… a lodge! Otherwise, “Murder Mystery” parties have been held here quite frequently and have been both successful and intense: in fact, Guests are hereby invited (by Host Roger!) to inquire about Elaine Thomas’ (in)famous, momentous – and well attended – 50th Birthday Party!

Oh! Another detail about Rooms 21, 22, 23: their distinctive alarm clocks were selected to awaken guests gently, rather than to the sounds of standard, shrill  buzzes… They turned out to be a source of numerous puns regarding their assortments of “nature themed sounds.”  Guests of Room 23, Mr. Robert Tree Cody (Son of well known Iron Eyes Cody) & his family, provided us with one of the best such anecdotes; it goes thus (as related by Mrs. Marlene Cody):

Early Summer Morning in Room 23: – “Alarm rings (chirps)”

Marlene – suddenly awakened – to Robert: “What’s that sound?”

Mr. Cody (still sleepy, answers after a moment): “It’s the sound of the village!…”

Marlene (later, after “investigating” for a few moments): “No it’s not, that rooster sound comes from… the ALARM CLOCK!”

Speaking of SOUNDS… The Zuni Dogs… We shall explain you upon your arrival at the Inn…

Currently, the Inn At Halona’s Innkeepers & Hosting Staff are busy running the establishment in a such a way as to offer gracious, attentive and friendly hosting in a well appointed and immaculate facility.

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