“Light color varnished wood and sky blue accents:
the current cabinetry fashion in Germany”
– Andrea, frequent visitor to Zuni

The Inn’s kitchen provides convenient space for preparation of your breakfast by personnel from the kitchen at Halona Plaza (NOTE: kitchen cooking privileges are reserved to Inn personnel, for maintenance and insurance reasons).  It features all modern appliances and a separate, intimate dinette area paneled with hard pine. Many of the acquaintances, business partners and relatives of the Vander Wagen family members who built and occupied the Inn’s premises left their marks here – including old livestock brands imprinted into the wall’s paneling by area ranchers of yore!  The kitchen’s cabinetry was built by Clarence Pendergast (also the original builder of the Inn’s premises), a World War One veteran, all around handyman and friend of the Vander Wagen family: he “never used a level” according to the colorful legend that surrounds him, yet he managed to built nice fitting cabinets which were subsequently painted many times by successive occupants of the current Inn’s premises… During the building’s remodeling process, eighteen coats of assorted paints had to be stripped off the cabinetry to restore Clarence’s work to its original quality!