Our Zuni Community

We strive to present our Guests with a genuine taste of Zuni’s traditional hospitality and to inform them and other interested individuals about Zuni in an appropriate manner consistent with the community’s wishes in that respect. Our all-tribal member staff makes all efforts to insure that Guests retain a good, valid impression on our community. However, we wish to defer to the following institutions for further, more extensive and appropriate information about Zuni, its people and culture.

The Zuni Department of Tourism (505.782.7238) and the A:Shiwi A:wan Museum & Heritage Center (505.782.4403) have the authority and resources to provide the necessary and appropriate information to visitors about Zuni, its culture and environment, and visitor etiquette. Visitors are especially encouraged to stop by the Zuni Department of Tourism (located at the East entrance of Zuni) upon arriving at Zuni before proceeding with their visit of our community, in order to acquire basic knowledge about the manner in which our community wishes to be visited, and also about limitations upon visitors’ mobility throughout the community that might derive from unfolding, special ceremonial events. Following such a step goes a long way towards putting visitors at ease while they visit Zuni, as well as preventing unfortunate, uncomfortable mishaps (untimely, inappropriate photography, etc…).

The A:Shiwi A:wan Museum & Heritage Center (located very near the Inn at Halona) also welcomes visitors to Zuni, and remains primarily “dedicated to serving our community with programs and exhibits that help us reflect on our past and are relevant to our current and future interests”.

Of course, of special interest to visitors to our community, is the reputation Zuni has earned in regard to its unique culture and the timeless beauty of the hand-crafted silver and turquoise jewelry, pottery, and other items produced by the many Zuni artisans.

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