Room 5

Room 5 is a large, wood-paneled room located on the lower level of the Inn and accessed via a spacious 11-step staircase framed with sturdy railings.  This room is fitted with a top-quality king-size bed  which can be set into two twin beds. A private lounge area surrounds the propane gas fireplace.

The room has retained the genuine “log cabin” flavor and it harbors colorful memories about and artifacts from builders and previous occupants of the Inn’s premises.  It includes two recliners, a spacious futon convertible into a full size bed, and another, armchair-sized futon convertible into a single, narrow bed; this room can adequately accommodate up to four Guests. A wall mounted LCD television set driven by satellite-based DishTV network stands ready to inform & entertain guests.

The room includes several pieces of furniture hand built and painted by the former. famed Zuni Furniture & Woodwork Enterprise as well as the nearby current Zuni Woodworking enterprize (also a division of Zuni Shopping Center). Decoration and appointments include matching Indian design coverings on the couch, chairs, bedspread, and curtains. 

Original paintings by Phil Hughte, Ulysses Mahkee, Troy Natachu, Gabriel Paloma (A Pottery Instructor at Zuni High School), Adrian Soseeah and Clarence Pendergast (original builder of this building) adorn the walls. There are three double-paned windows providing adequate daylight to this below-ground level room, including a large one also providing aeration and serving as a regulation-sized egress. 

Room 5 enjoys its own private bathroom with shower, includes a spacious desk and can be easily converted to a small meeting area. It is truly a private suite or family room, cool in the summer, cozy in the winter!