Room 4

“It feels just like a tree house!” – Liz, a frequent guest

Room 4 is located on the upper level via a 13-step staircase, steep (Dutch style!) but framed with sturdy railings (NOTE: one of our Zuni friends once mused over this characteristic of the building and stated that the ancient use of near vertical ladders by Zuni people to access upper levels of the Pueblo must also have inspired the builders of Room 4’s staircase!). 

This delightfully sunny room has expansive windows facing south and a great view of the large set of trees within the Inn’s patio, and includes a full size bed with private bath facilities. We believe that from this tranquil room could be produced another “Great American Novel”: this would remind us of the early times during which the nearby Vander Wagen family home (adjoining the main Inn building and housing Rooms 21-22-23) was also a stopover favored by famous painters and other noted visiting, creative personalities.

The room’s furnishings are old fashioned black wrought iron style. A baker’s shelf has been pressed into service as hanging space for clothing and storage of accessories.  The room is appointed with Indian design comforter and rugs, as well as a Pendleton Mills wool shawl. The room feature a comfortable recliner. A wall mounted LCD television set driven by satellite-based DishTV network stands ready to inform & entertain guests.

Original paintings by Zuni artists Gabriel Paloma (now a Pottery Instructor at Zuni High School), Adrian Soseeah, Reynold Banteah, and Narren Bowannie adorn the walls. Ceramic lampshades are by another noted Zuni artist and neighbor, Patrick Sanchez.