Room 21

Room 21, located in the Historic Annex (Vander Wagen family‘s original home), features 2 twin beds fitted with high quality linen, colorful comforters, Pendleton Mills wool blankets, a spacious desk of Mexican, rustic design and solid, fragrant pine, and a comfortable sitting area. The beds can be joined into a king size one (headboards by the Zuni Woodworking enterprize – located nearby, also a division of Zuni Shopping Center) A wall mounted LCD television set driven by satellite-based DishTV network stands ready to inform & entertain guests. This room is cozy, well lit in the morning especially and lets in soothing water fall sounds from the pond below. Its south-facing window looks onto the one of the Annex’ own tree-shaded patios, often gaily lit at night. Plush carpeting and colorful upholstery enhance the warm, private feeling of the room; its “tongue and groove” knotty pine paneling also makes this room a favorite of Guests traveling together and wishing to enjoy the Inn’s country feeling comfortably and economically. Cooling is provided via a wall mounted  refrigerated air conditioner, for those summer periods when Zuni does get somewhat hot!  Heating is produced by a blown air furnace which also serves the other 2 nearby rooms (Nos. 22 & 23) and supplemented by a personal ceramic heater. This room features its own, albeit detached bathroom : it is located immediately across the short hallway linking rooms 21-22-23. This hallway features a refreshment / coffee / tea station well provided for and including a small refrigerator, a microwave oven and an icemaker.  It also leads to a spacious, tree-lined, private, elevated deck overlooking the pond just below: another favorite lounging spot during clement evenings!  A room walk-in closet provides ample storage space to allow Guests to enjoy the room without being encumbered by their travel luggage. Original paintings by Zuni artists Reynold Banteah, Harmon Chimoni, Albert Chopito, Joann Peina and Chris Natachu adorn the walls: all those items were produced by the artists during their formative years – they were all acquired over many years via annual Art Shows held at the Zuni High School.