Adjoining the dining room and kitchen of the Inn’s principal building, the main lounging area includes a cast-iron, Vermont-brand gas fireplace, refrigerated air conditioning, a television/VCR set (with crystal clear, satellite driven, DishTV  extensive programming), books and videos about local topics, and a small desk area with a data port connection providing a separate, analog phone line for modems. A photocopier and  a FAX machine are also available to our guests upon request. Lighting is provided by handcrafted, copper shaded lamps and ceiling fixtures decorated by Zuni painter Patrick Sanchez. Original paintings by Zuni artists Larsen Gasper, Anthony Sanchez, and Patrick Sanchez are featured in the lounge area, including an original print of Patrick’s famous “Zuni Kaleidoscope” and his equally intriguing work, “Three Hundred People” depicting a gathering of Zuni people for one of their most important yearly religious event.  Original Zuni pottery, as well as samples of colorful fringed wool shawls worn by Zuni ladies and made in Switzerland exclusively for Halona Plaza, complete the main lounge’s decor.

Breakfast is served by personnel from our Kitchen at Halona Plaza in the dining area adjoining the lounge; other meals may also be served here upon request.  The hand crafted tables and chairs were built, painted and upholstered by the Zuni Furniture & Woodworks Enterprise.  Pencil, charcoal drawings by noted artists Alex Seowtewa (also known worldwide as the “Zuni Michelangelo” on account of the monumental frescoes he painted on the walls of the old Catholic Mission at Zuni), Edward Wemytewa (currently engaged in reviving Zuni storytelling traditions via impromptu “roadside” like theatre), Adrian Soseeah and Phil Hughte are showcased in the dining area. Exquisite Zuni pottery by such famed artists as Anderson Peynetsa, traditionally carved Zuni fetishes complete the display of Zuni art at the Inn.

While some of the artwork on display at the Inn At Halona bears the famous names of “Alex Seowtewa”, “Phil Hughte”, “Patrick Sanchez”, etc…, most of the Inn’s art collection consists of items purchased during the past twenty five years at the Zuni public schools’ yearly Art Shows!

Aside from breakfast served at the Inn, a good selection of meals (including our succulent “Daily Special” luncheons) is available upon simple request from the kitchen at nearby company store Halona Plaza for delivery to the Inn’s dining area or to the Guests’ own rooms . Guests’ wishes for special fare are welcome by our kitchen personnel, as are requests by Guests to treat associates, friends or relatives to meals at the Inn (especially on the patios during the warmer months!).