Welcome to all visitors to this NEW website for the Inn at Halona, especially this new blog feature: a good place to  comment about travel experiences, questions about Zuni, and to share impressions about past or current stays at the Inn at Halona!

Roger Thomas here: your Host at the Inn at Halona, hereby inviting you to sit down at this “Breakfast Table Online”. Blue Corn Pancakes (our signature morning dish) optional for the time being!

Let me explain: as you might know already as a returning Guest – and certainly will discover if you elect to become a new one – Guests, Hosts And Staff at the Inn at Halona tend to develop, maintain and enjoy lively conversations and encounters especially at breakfast time. And, you might just be informed right now that our breakfasts tend to easily and readily turn into boisterous social events! Topics range from events of the day, to exchange of information about “things to do while in and around Zuni” (very important since “word of mouth” is a primary means of communication here!), and up to date news about current, ordinary as well as special (traditional) activities and celebrations in our community. Memory of the morning of September 11, 2001, for example, is imprinted in my mind forever, as a full house of Guests sat, watching and haltingly commenting about television’s broadcast of the horrifying events which set that day apart for all time!

While I tend to carry on at breakfast time in my customary animated, verbose manner, Staff members will provide qualified guidance about cultural aspects of life in Zuni, and offer to facilitate meetings with colleague craftspeople and  home visits.

You have heard (or will hear) me emphatically stating that the Inn at Halona is very fortunately privileged to be selected by a variety of remarkable Guests: it is not about numbers of visitors (as Zuni currently attracts a choice selection of both purposeful and casual visitors, as opposed to mere passthrough travelers), but rather about our Guests’ curiosity, enthusiasm, yearning for discovery, appreciation of encounters with other Guests and community members, and , above all, understanding of the “off the beaten path” nature of our community, its life, and its people.

All in all, I am always eager to meet our Guests, and our Staff is always happy to meet visitors to our community.

So, let’s sit down and talk here for a while…

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