Busy, but time for reflexion…

As I mentioned in the About >> Your Innkeepers section of this website, my spouse and best friend (yep! that’s how it gets to be after 40+ years of marriage and working partnership!!) departed on May 30th, 2011, following a long battle with terminal cancer. Elaine was a lady of composure and quiet but firm purpose and determination: she left us with a clear mandate and encouragement to continue our good and productive work. She was also the “chief archivist/genealogist/chronicler” of her family, and she had already put in motion ways to insure that her work could be carried forward amongst and for the benefit of ¬†younger generations.

But solid, long lasting reminders abound, that Elaine has been and still is much a part of our activities, surroundings and family life: I walk to work every morning, following the Inn’s flagstoned patios that she personally contributed to lay down, align and level in 1998… She had also set in motion the July 1-2-3, 2011 Vander Wagen Family Reunion (held in and around Zuni about every 5 years) which will further validate her efforts to keep family history as a living body of common experiences. And those are just two examples of the fact that her legacy consists of more than mere shared, even possibly ephemeral, emotions & regrets… Pride, commitment, achievements do endure instead!

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